Bad Hair Habits- Are you doing more damage than good?

We are often asked what the most common reasons for hair damage are- and the truth is it can be the result of many things- many of which will be related to your current routine of hair care. If you have a problem with dry strands, brittleness and breakage- some of the hair habits you are accustomed to, may be doing you more damage than good…


Brushing your hair has many benefits- it can help stimulate your natural oils whilst distributing them to all areas of the hair strands, benefiting both your scalp and hair shine. It also removes all loose hair helping to stay de-tangled. However, excessive brushing will certainly cause damage.

The most common damage caused by brushing is doing it when hair is wet, although this is often in many people’s regular routine, as they believe it is the best time to remove knots etc. But hair is at its most fragile when wet and should therefore be brushed before it is shampooed and conditioned. If you do wish to brush hair when it’s wet, there are brushes and larger combs available that allow for this and are less damaging to hair (such as a Tangle Teaser).

Using styling tools

Most people are fully aware that using a blow dryer, straighteners, curling wands etc, can all cause damage to hair. If you regularly use these tools, try using reducing the heat settings, and if possible lower the frequency of use (ideally to once or twice a week). Heat protectors also help protect your hair, but avoiding using tools on wet or damp hair is very important, as this burns the hair quickly. Try letting your hair dry naturally occasionally and when using, and try to limit the time the styling tools are actually in contact with your hair.

Hot showers

Hot water removes the serum (the natural oils in your hair) leaving you hair dry and brittle and more vulnerable to breakage and loss. Reducing the temperature of the water when washing will help maintain healthy hair and a cold water rinse will mean moisture remains locked in, increasing the shine of your hair.


Using the right shampoo is critical when it comes to maintaining and repairing damaged hair. If you are suffering from split ends, frizziness, heat damage, chemicals – we recommend having a chat with someone at an Arcana salon about the many different available shampoos and treatments from Davines that we stock for all hair types and conditions.

Over washing

When it comes to the regularity of washing hair- there isn’t one single rule- you have to find a routine and regularity that suits you as we are all different. However, if you do have split ends, it could well be that you are over washing. If you wash too regularly you will strip your scalp of its natural oils which will impact the hair’s texture and shine. Regular wet brushing and aggressive towel trying will also contribute to this damage.

Regular cuts

Many people say that the optimal time to wait between cuts is 6 weeks, but everyone is different. However, if you avoid your next cut for too long it will inevitably result in split ends and breakage, so when it comes to appointments- regularity can limit the damage and keep hair healthy.

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