A Sustainable Salon


At Arcana we consider sustainability to be a huge part of our brand, ethos and general practice in both our Southampton and Winchester based salons. We are committed to sourcing sustainable partners and products, using local brands, and making sustainable choices in relation to our energy usage and carbon footprint.

Here are a few ways in which we aim to reduce our, and your carbon footprint…

Sustainable Products and Partners

We understand that sustainability is important to our customers, which is why we only offer sustainable products. This way, our customers don’t have to worry about packaging and ethical produce.

Our hair products are also synonymous with nature and sustainability and therefore all contain only natural ingredients. Our primary product partner is Davines, an industry leader in sustainability, renowned for ethically sourcing natural and local ingredients. Davines, has embarked on various sustainable projects and since 2018, has been a Carbon Neutral company, with an aim of being Net Zero by 2030.

Davines only uses natural ingredients, and its packaging is also as environmentally sustainable as possible. Davines has provided staff in our salon with extensive training, helping us to become more sustainable. You can find out more about Davines and their commitment to sustainability in our blog- HERE.

Local products

Many of the home products that we stock are locally sourced and based within Hampshire- allowing us to support within our own community, whilst also ensuring our customers that our products haven’t travelled far to reach them.

Refillable Products

Many of the Davines shampoos and conditioners that we stock are available in Arcana’s Refillable Station which allows our clients to top-up their favourites, without creating more plastic waste. This eco-friendly option means that many shampoos and conditioners can be easily replenished, with no further impact on the environment.

Water management

At Arcana’s basins, we have added green shower heads to ensure that our water usage is reduced when washing hair and removing colour, aiming to bring water waste to a lower level each year.


We encourage our staff to, not only make their own sustainable choices, but also to be conscious of salon waste, recycling and to refrain from making excessive amounts of colour and minimising use of equipment and appliances at all times.

Running the Salons

Whether its using A+++ appliances, energy saving hair dryers, avoiding pollutants, choosing Fair Trade coffee, or replacing led lighting to be more energy efficient- we aim to be more sustainable each year, and regularly assess how we can improve and reduce our footprint to provide our communities with greener, environmentally conscious salons.