Why we chose Davines and sustainable beauty for Arcana

Choosing a quality product that also reflects our own salon ethos, is something we take very seriously. So, when we discovered Davines, we immediately knew it was the perfect product for Arcana.

Why? Well, firstly we absolutely loved everything the brand stood for. As a family-owned Italian organisation, they have always been completely open about all the ingredients in their products. Just click here to see their impressive glossary of natural ingredients they use that is basically an A-Z that covers everything they use- from Avocado oil to Zinc!

Environment and sustainability

As well as using only natural ingredients, Davines has also embraced environmental awareness and sustainability, more than any other company we are aware of.

In their early stages of launching in 1983, the Bollati family created the company as a laboratory that researched and produced high-end quality hair care products for other well renowned cosmetic organisations around the globe. Shortly after, Davines decided to create its own brand of products that would be used exclusively for hair salons.

Today, it is not only renowned for developing superior hair products, but also for its industry leading practice in sustainability, and for ethically sourcing natural and local ingredients.

It has achieved many great things, embarked on various sustainable projects and since 2018, has been a Carbon Neutral company, with an aim of being Net Zero by 2030.

This short video shows the many stages of sustainability initiatives and processes Davines is involved in:



Sustainable packaging is an area that Davines continuously improves- it aims to:

– Use as little raw materials as possible

– Use recyclable materials

– Optimise distribution and quality control processes to avoid waste as much as possible

Davines’ packaging is also as environmentally sustainable as possible. The clear plastic that they use is now 100% biodegradable, and they have even changed the shape of their bottles to allow for more containers to fit efficiently into boxes when being shipped, to reduce cardboard boxes and further waste.

100% of Davines packaging is carbon offset. This means that any carbon dioxide emissions that are generated by packaging is taken into account, and compensated through their many reforestation and regeneration projects.

Most recently, with Davines’ support, Arcana has developed a Davines ‘refill station’ in the salon, where our clients can even bring bottles in to be refilled, rather than buy a new one.


As well as having a strong foundation in eco-friendly, natural ingredients, Davines’ products are of the highest standard and have proven themselves day after day, in the many years we have helped our clients achieve the look they want.

Whether it’s the ever popular multi-functional Oi Oil, that adds shine and softness to your hair, the Spotlight masks that rectify all kinds of hair issues, or the Love range that smoothes frizzy, unruly or wavy hair – Davines has a product for everyone.

Take a look around the Arcana store and find a Davines product that’s right for you, or ask a member of staff to help you, next time you are in the salon.


To learn more about Davines’ projects, and their dedication to sustainability and to watch a video on their manifesto of sustainable beauty click here.