Introducing… The RégimA Power Peel

As we get older, the natural process of skin cell renewal begins to slow down, and consequently we begin to see changes such as lines and wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation.

The RégimA Power Peel uses a peeling process through a unique method, that embraces natural ingredients and organic acids, to help you produce collagen and elastin.

So, what is a skin peel?

In essence, a skin peel is a very mild procedure that simply removes your dead skin cells, or the cells that are damaged, from the very top layer of the skin. This then stimulates the metabolism of the skin cells that are beneath that top layer. As the old, damaged or dead cells are removed, the new layer is revealed.

The skin is therefore completely rejuvenated with a radiant, improved texture, and new youthful glow.

What is different about the RégimA Power Peel?

RégimA have developed a new generation of in-salon Power Peels which are essentially comprise organic acids, such as raspberry, apple, peach, lemon, milk and various other natural ingredients that enable the superficial removal of dead skin cells.

Is the Power Peel safe?

The Power Peel is entirely safe. It restores a youthful appearance effectively, but very gently and through various natural acids. This rejuvenates and improves colour, texture and the tone of your skin. It also smoothes out the fine lines, bringing back the health and regenerating the general glow of youth- giving you a ‘rapid radiance’ regardless of your age. It is also very safe to have the treatment if you are pregnant.

What are the main ingredients?

The RégimA Power Peel offers a combination of six powerful fruit acids including peach, apple and raspberry. With the additional ingredients of healing plant species renowned for essential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, RégimA takes skin peeling to a therapeutic level, but with added safety. After experiencing a peel at Arcana, RégimA’s home care products should be used with all peel treatments (available in the salon).

What are the main benefits of a RégimA Power Peel?

The Power Peel offers what RégimA calls, rapid radiance or the “Flash effect”. It does this by giving skin a renewed elasticity, through instant smoothing of the fine lines and facial wrinkles.

It can also help with the elimination and control of skin pigmentation as well as removing sun spots, liver spots or aging spots, on both your face and your hands. The peel can also help with the stubborn dark skin patches under your eyes.

As well as this, the Power Peel can also help with the treatment of problematic skin, and is safe to use on all areas of the face (including neck and eyes) and other areas of the body and can help with anti-aging process on your hands.


Can it help with scarring?

Yes! The Power Peel can help with scarring through application to the particular area of the body. It has proven results on hypertrophic and keloids scars, acne scarring, old skin graft areas and even burns.

Can people with all skin tones and colours use it?

The Power Peel is safe for all skins, all skin types and for all ethnicities –black, white, Asian, young, mature, male or female.


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