5 reasons to have hair extensions


As well as increasing the length and improving the volume of your hair- extensions breath life and endless possibilities into your styling options.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have hair extensions today…

1. You get instant length

Growing your hair is often a frustrating and longwinded process and it can take as long as two years for you to reach your desired length. You may even find, despite numerous hair masks, essential oils, and scalp massages- that your hair simply won’t grow beyond a certain point. Research has shown that this can be down to a whole number of factors including genetics, age, stress, breakage, diet, styling, use of hot tools, scalp oil, split ends and more.

With extensions, these hurdles are all easily overcome as, one single appointment can mean you leave our salon with the long, luscious locks you have always dreamed of- allowing you to experiment with so many different new styles. So, why wait for what you can have today?

2. You can ‘Pump up the volume’

Hair loss or thinning hair can have a huge impact on your self-esteem and confidence whilst also preventing you from achieving the look you want. Not all of us have been blessed with voluminous locks, but hair extensions can create that illusion that we have!

We simply apply the lightweight extensions to the root of your existing hair using a double-sided adhesive tape, and immediately transform your hair to look naturally thick and full of volume, boosting your confidence and style.

Nano ring extensions are an excellent choice, offering great versatility and volume if you have fine hair, because they are very small. They are therefore easier to conceal, even with very thin hair.

3. You can be versatile

Whether you want to transform your look with long cascading waves for winter, or you’ve gone shorter but suddenly decided that you want that heavy ponytail back! Extensions give you versatility- which is why they are such a popular choice in both our Winchester and Southampton salons.

4. You can transform your look for special occasions

Whether it’s a flash of new colour, adding volume, or just having longer hair, extensions can provide you with the right look for any occasion. From weddings to holidays, parties to proms- extensions provide a dramatic change for that special event.

5.You won’t damage your natural hair!

Providing extensions are fitted carefully by a professional, they will not damage your natural hair in any way. Clip extensions once had a reputation for causing damage due to the strain from the clips, but since then, the methods we use have come a long way. The tape in extensions we use at Arcana are made from a flat polyurethane weft strip and are applied at the root with a lightweight extension so there is no strain, creating a natural and seamless blend. These tend to last for up to 8 weeks, although the extensions are fully reusable.   

The adhesive that is used for tape in extensions has been specially developed to not damage hair and they are easy enough to remove without causing any damage or loss. Your hair will also naturally continue to grow as if the extensions weren’t even there!

To find out more about our prices for extensions- head to our price lists – CLICK Here for Winchester and CLICK Here for Southampton.

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